About linux socket

this is linux socket, a private blog about linux and other related stuff.

My name is Salih, Iam from Turkey.

Iam a Linux Fan since my first computer, which I received when I was just 11.
My older brother taught me how to use it, and installed linux for me. I never used any other operating system on my own computer since then.

Today I’m working as an IT Consultant in London and in my free time, Iam writing on this blog to share some of my knowledge and passion.
My english is still not perfect, so please excuse any mistakes you might find.

My other passions are online gambling and also security topics such as surfing anonymous and encrypting your web traffic. I think it is important to protect your privacy while doing stuff online. Bitcoin and VPN are just some of the things Iam currently reading a lot about.

stay tuned for more, and enjoy my blog!